How to travel alone in India? Let's ask

Solo Female Traveller
Solo Female Traveller

Last week I stumbled upon this article, Tourists complain of sexual assault at Varkala. This happened in Varkala which is one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in the country. This made me wonder how safe our female explorers are in the Indian streets?

To understand this I need a female perspective, so I pulled some strings and got in contact with Sushmitha Sampath who is a travel addict and a fan of the concept "Travelling helps you grow." 

A small disclaimer before you dive into the story; This content is intented for female explorers.

I know there are so many people out there who don't know how to start, after all this is the most important and the hardest step of them all. So Sushmitha, How did you start? 

How to travel alone in India? (Female)

I should say my father encouraged both me and my sister to travel, from my childhood our father used to take us to places. At first, I was not that into it and then I visited Darjeeling. We all have that one place you wish you could revisit over and over right, Darjeeling is that place for me. And Darjeeling - the queen of hills made me decide to earn and to explore. And when I got independent, the first thing I wanted to do was to travel. I started slowly with Gokarna.

I know you are a pro by now, but how did it feel to travel alone at first?

I was going through a very difficult phase and Gokarna was an escape from it. But it laid a path of freedom that I have never experienced before. Even eating at a restaurant felt different. Even stares by fellow dinners felt different.

What are the questions that you encounter from fellow travellers?

Most of them are very common in fact you might have them listed in your script, the most repeated one of them all is, arent you scared? or they might ask about my bad experiences, once I was asked if I have met someone like Ranbir Kapoor in Tamasha.

Since you already raised the question, Have you had any bad experiences? and how did you deal with it?

How to travel alone in India? Lets ask

Always believe in your intuition, this could be a lifesaver. Always remember to walk away from situations. It is better to be safe than sorry. Coming back to the question, I will share one of my experiences. I was walking through the streets of Rishikesh and the street ahead was dark, I could see four people in the dark. I looked around and I saw a small store so I walked towards it and asked if the street ahead is safe or not. The storekeeper told me not to go ahead. So I waited and then I asked for a lift from a gentleman who dropped me. Not only did he save me from those men but he also saved me time.

What would you recommend to fellow female travellers who are not that confident in solo travelling?

If you want to travel alone you can approach companies who can plan your trip with other travellers who will travel with you and boost your confidence.

I know this question is not new to you, but why do you travel?

Traveling is not just about seeing, but also learning the perspective of others. Everyone you meet has a story to tell these stories inspire me or make me sad or make me happy and at the days end, this widens your mind and makes you more acceptive in life. And That is a very huge factor to help one grow. And for the question Why do I travel? I can answer in a word FREEDOM.

I guess this might have motivated you to travel more and have cleared your doubts about travel. Do check out our Full Interview: 

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