Vellam: The Essential Drink | Movie Review by M101

Vellam is a biographical drama, by Prajesh Sen who is known for the movie Captain. Vellam tells us the story of an alcoholic named Murali Kunnumpurath and how his determination and will power made him successful. Like Captain and Nambi the Scientist we could sense how the movie and reality are intertwined with each other.
Mollywood has so many iconic alcoholics like Rajiv Menon (Dasharatham), Nandagopan (Kamaladalam), Advocate Shivaraman (Hallo), Raghunandan (Spirit), Laya Ullas (Two Countries), Sam Alex (Memories). Neena (Nee-Na), Pambu Joy(Pavada) and so on to name a few. I felt they all been glorified after viewing Vellam. The first few scenes were accepted by the crowd with a laugh but as the show progressed I heard no laugh but silence.
Vellam's female casting was something I judged but after seeing this movie, I cursed my prejudiced eye. Among other characters, I felt Murali's wife played by Samyuktha Menon the strongest. I don't think I have seen her cry in this movie. Sreelakshmi who plays Murali's Mother is another example.
After seeing the movie one question felt unanswered, who was the antagonist in the movie. I wanted to fit a face to that role but I couldn't. The real antagonist in the movie is Alchohol for sure, he has appeared in many frames from start to end. The other thing that I noticed is the expression, almost all the characters when they see or face the protagonist, they express an emotion of disgust.
Jayasuriya's acting was scary to a point at which I could see people covering their faces because of his actions. A scene in which he licks the floor and the suicidal attempt made me wonder if he is an alcoholic himself, or most probably he is addicted to acting.
Other notable characters like Saji played by Baiju Santhosh, Murali's Friend played by Santhosh Keezhattoor and Chandran played by Indrans were small but impactful.

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