Friends embark on a road trip like no other

Mohammed Lasim, Mohammad Shaheer, Muhammed Shanoop, Deepak S Nair
Mohammed Lasim, Mohammad Shaheer, Muhammed Shanoop, Deepak S Nair
Six years ago a bunch of classmates, Mohammed Lasim P P, Mohammad Shaheer, Muhammed Shanoop, Deepak S Nair took their friendship to the road, they cruised through the wonderful Western Ghats. The memory of that wonderful endeavour kept them going. Up until the outbreak of the virus, community, good company and a healthy amount of mingling with fellow humans had been par for the course. But then, suddenly, all of it changed—social distancing became the prefix to every action and thought, and undertaking your own travel became about the best option for travel, for a while at least. And that is how they decided to take their memory to the play. 

All India Road Trip
Every once in a while, the heart yearns for the open road, when you’d just like to leave the bustling city centre and head out with friends, with nothing but a car. That is just what these friends did when all the travel ban got lifted. They started their drive to experience the magic of the Western Ghats, and six years they wish to embark on a new journey across India. With just one aim, To explore.

Even though their friendship blossomed in Bangalore, they started this trip from their real roots - Calicut. Calicut is known for its amazing love for travel and exploration, in fact, you can find a Malabari around the world. Their journey started on 20th December 2020. They dreamed of celebrating the new year with a touch of surprise and mystery. The trip continued through the NH 766, connecting beautiful beaches, forest, farmlands and a touch of history to its name. 

Route map
Their route map
Their first halt was at Belgaum, The drive to Belgaum is pretty direct and it doesn’t take too long either but, once in the city, it can get a bit boring as there’s no bypass to get through it. However, cross Belgaum, and you’ll find out why it is worth it. The roads open up and you leave civilisation behind. Highway 48 took them to Pune, Where they halted the next day. 

"It was also suggested that we drive non-stop as halting en route may expose us to COVID-19 infection if we came into contact with others. We were to carry soap and an adequate number of bottles of hand sanitisers." quotes the team. They took time to explore and have fun, Rajasthan was the most beautiful state they been in the country. Udaipur and Jaipur made them mesmerize in the beauty of Indian architecture.

Innova Car in snow

They visited Pathankot while the protest was fuming. Deepak said, "Despite the protest, Punjab welcomed us with love, People there have a special love for tourists and not to mention their culinary skill and their infrastructure." And from there they drove to Srinagar-the heaven on earth. They enjoyed the drive through snowy landscape. For a person from South India, snow is something that is unheard of. They visited Jammu and later Amritsar. They visited the Golden Temple and marked their bucket list as done. 

They drove to New Delhi for new years eve. The night was cold but the warmness of friendship kept them warm. They left for Agra to see the iconic Taj Mahal once again. They continued to Bengaluru, where their friendship flourished, but they halted at Gwalior and Nagpur on the way. 

Destinations they covered
The total trip cost them about 1.35 Lakh but that seemed to be an investment, an investment for memories that will make them strong for the years to come.

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