A housewife turned entrepreneur's lock-down class unlocks the world of English | Jasna Jauhar

Jasna Jauhar and family
Jasna Jauhar and family
The closing of training centres amid the pandemic made a closure to the dreams and aspirations of students. With many students and teachers forced indoors due to the coronavirus-induced lockdowns, schools, educational institutions, policymakers, and NGOs adapted to using digital means to impart education.

Jasna Jauhar, a mother of two and a housewife has turned this pandemic into a fortune. She monetized her passion for words into a career and now she is training students for IELTS. What makes her different? She guides each of her students personally. She only gives admission for three per month, therefore she can give proper attention to her kids as well as to her students. Jauhar AbdulRahman, Jasna's better half is the main inspiration behind this startup. His constant care and support to build her skill have made her strong and confident. 
Jasna Jauhar and family
Jasna Jauhar With her kids (Mohammed Rizwan and Mohammad Rayan)

Jasna said "I make sure, my students get personal care and attention. For this, I select only three students a month." Most of her students are graduates or aspirants who wish to study/work abroad. They need to meet certain criteria to pursue their career like IELTS. Jasna knows how to handle this because she has attempted IELTS.

She says "For those who aren’t confident with their English abilities, it can cause anxiety as this test demands precision in terms of grammar, the vocabulary used and cohesiveness between sentences. Even those who call English their native language and are trained in it have failed the test! This is where I help my students, I help them to be confident with their English abilities."
Husband of Jasna Jauhar
Jauhar AbdulRahman, Jasna's better half

Jasna allots timeslots for her students, and students can call her and get training personally. Since this is limited to three, no douts are left unheard or unresolved. Students soon after they end their course recommend others to this wonderful training, and business has been booming ever since.

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  1. Happy to read this...hats off🥳

  2. Thats really Great Jasna... U had acheived great success even in this pandameic situation . Go ahead and wish u a blessed successful future. Expressing by words in not an easy task but u r the best mentor for that.